House of Lords Select Committee on the Licensing Act 2003

The House of Lords today established a Select Committee on the Licensing Act 2003, which is due to report by 31st March 2017. As yet the full remit of the Committee has not been published, but the Parliament website will carry details over the coming months.  For a link to the[...]

Alcohol Wholesaler Registration

If you are involved in the wholesale of alcohol - providing alcohol to the licensed trade - then you will need to register with HMRC by the end of March 2016. The application can only be submitted online and if you do not have a Government Gateway identification, you will need[...]

Mobile home site Rules

The First Tier Tribunal has issued a decision that a local authority has no power to amend site rules, even though the rules may not comply with statutory requirements.  There is however no issue for a local authority to draw attention to site rules that have no effect because of the[...]

Civil Injunctions

As part of a package of new powers to deal with anti-social behaviour, Civil Injunctions come into force from today. The provisions, under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, replace other powers that were previously used, such as ASBOs.  The process needs an application to a court, who will then[...]

Taxi & Private Hire guide for councillors

The Local Government Association have published a handbook for licensing authority councillors. Dealing with issues such as the 'fit and proper person' test and the role of councillors, the document also includes a checklist and case studies from around the country.  It will also be of use to Taxi and Private[...]

Banning the sale of alcohol below the cost of duty plus VAT

The Home Office has today released guidance on how to comply with the mandatory conditions on all alcohol licences that require a minimum price for alcohol. The guidance shows a number of examples on how to calculate the minimum price and is directed both at enforcing authorities as well as retailers. An[...]

Guidance on Mobile Home Sites for local authorities

The DCLG has issued 'best practice' guidance to local authorities on Enforcement and dealing with Licensing Applications. The guidance does not have a statutory basis and is therefore only of an advisory nature, but it does form a framework for the responsibilities of local authorities when dealing with caravan sites, including[...]

New Sentencing Powers for magistrates

From today parts of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 come into force and enable magistrates to impose "a fine of any amount" for some offences where the maximum fine would otherwise be £5,000 or more. The provisions only apply to offences that are committed after today and these[...]

Personal Licences - The Future

The Government has today published a fact sheet on the future of personal licences, which can be downloaded here. The current proposals are to remove the need for Personal Licences under the Licensing Act 2003 to be renewed, but it seems unlikely that the legislation needed to introduce this change will not[...]
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