alcohol law solicitors in the UKA number of local authorities have implemented a ‘late night levy’ on premises that sell alcohol and have licences that run past midnight, or later in some areas.

Premises in these areas have to pay a supplement in addition to their normal annual licence fee.  Whether the premises actually use the hours in the levy area does not matter – only whether the hours are authorised on the licence.

The authorities that have adopted are :

Newcastle with effect from 01 November 2013
Cheltenham with effect from 01 April 2014
City of London with effect from 01 October 2014
Chelmsford with effect from 01 November 2014
Nottingham with effect from 01 November 2014
Islington with effect from 01 November 2014
Southampton with effect from 01 April 2015

If you are thinking of running a premises in these areas, it is worth checking to see the details of the scheme that are in force.