The law relating to the licensing of scrap metal dealers is currently undergoing significant change with the implementation of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 which received Royal Assent in February 2013.

The general provisions in the Act are to :

    • Require all individuals and businesses to complete an enhanced application process to obtain a scrap metal dealer licence.
    • Give local authorities the power to turn down unsuitable applicants
    • Give local authorities the power to revoke a licence
    • Require all sellers of metal to provide personal identification at the point of sale, which is then recorded by the scrap metal dealer
    • Extend the offence of buying metal with cash to itinerant metal collectors
    • Create a central public register, hosted by the Environment Agency, of all individuals and businesses licensed as scrap metal dealers
    • Widen the definition of a scrap metal dealer to include motor salvage operators

There are also new powers for the police and local authorities to enter and inspect sites.

Guidance has been issued by the Home Office, which can be obtained by clicking on the images below.

scrap metal dealer - feesscrap metal dealer - suitability guidancescrap metal dealer guidance