Alcohol Labelling

solicitors advising on alcoholAlcoholic drinks in sealed containers are required to comply with much of the law that relates to other packaged food, but with some differences.  The information that should be provided includes :

  • Details of any allergens ;
  • The net volume ;
  • The date of minimum durability (ie the best before and use-by dates);
  • The batch number;
  • Any special storage instructions or conditions of use;;
  • The name or business name and address of the manufacturer / packager;
  • If the alcoholic content is more than 1.2% alcohol by volume (“abv”), the actual alcoholic strength (ABV);
  • The number of UK units that the contents of the bottle/can contains.

Please note that this is not a definitive list and if you should require this, please contact us.

At the moment there is no mandatory requirement to show the full ingredients of an alcoholic product and this is under review. It may be that the principle ingredients will need to be shown in the future.