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In order to undertake certain activities in the UK, it is necessary to obtain some form of authorisation from the local Council. There are a number of exemptions and in order to check that you are legal, it is sensible to obtain professional legal advice from a solicitor who is an expert in licensing law.

If you wish to make an application for a licence, there is a form to complete, a fee to pay and a consultation exercise to be undertaken.  This involves placing a public notice in the press and at the premises: There are very specific requirements for advertising and it is important to get it right otherwise the application may be rejected or delayed.

Should there be any objections, then the application is generally considered by the Licensing Committee of the Council in a formal hearing unless everyone agrees that a hearing is not necessary.  The Licensing Committee will then decide whether or not to issue a licence and what conditions, if any, should be imposed if they decide to grant the application.

Our licensing solicitors can help you through this process, whether you need us to complete the application in its entirety, provide advice on your proposed application or to represent you at a hearing if there are objections.  Our success rate is excellent, with nearly 100% of the applications that we have drafted being granted.  We have seen particular success in applications within Special Policy (Cumulative Impact Policy) areas.

We also represent clients on  reviews and appeals.

Call one of our licensing solicitors on 0800 074 0858 if you have a licensing problem and need our help.

The licensable activities are :