There are currently two main ways of amending a premises licence – the full variation and the minor variation.  Unless the changes are relatively small and not likely to adversely affect the licensing objectives, the chances are that the licensing authority will require a ‘full’ variation for most changes, particularly if they relate to changing a decision of the licensing committee.

Full Variations

As with applications for new licences, full variations have to be advertised in a local newspaper and using a site notice.  There is a 28-day consultation period and if there are any representations, the matter is considered by the licensing committee.  Our fees for preparing and submitting an application start at £600+VAT and application fees payable to the Council.

Minor Variations

This ‘fast-track’ procedure allows the holders of premises licences to apply for small changes to be made without the need to submit a ‘full’ variation application and is intended to simplify straightforward matters where there are no objections.

The licence holder has to submit an application to the Council, who then have to consider within a 15-day period whether there is likely to be any impact on the licensing objectives, consulting with the responsible authorities.  Our fees for preparing and submitting a minor variation start at £200+VAT and disbursements.

premises licence variationBeware that minor variation applications cannot be used to :

(a) extend the period of the licence,
(b) substantially vary the premises,
(c) specify an individual as the DPS,
(d) add the sale or supply of alcohol to the licence,
(e) add the sale or supply of alcohol between 11pm and 7am, or increase in the permitted hours for alcohol sale/supply

The Home Office has provided a leaflet on Minor Variations, which can be downloaded here.

We are able to assist you by making the application on your behalf, submitting the necessary paperwork and liaising with the Licensing Authority as necessary.

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