There are very few firms that have a true specialism when it comes to mobile home law, but our lawyers have considerable experience, having dealt with issues on behalf of site owners, residents and local authorities.

With some exceptions, sites for accommodating a park home, mobile home or caravan require both planning permission and a site licence from the local council. For residential sites, there are protections provided by the Mobile Homes Act legislation for both site owners and residents. 

Over the last few years, there has been a considerable amount of work done by the government departments responsible for this topic.  One of our team was involved with the Department for Communities and Local Government in the development of the ‘Model Standards’ for caravan sites before they were released for general consultation.

An Act of Parliament was passed in March 2013 to address matters such as the purchase of a home, site licensing and the fitness of the site manager.  The Mobile Homes Act 2013 was based on a DCLG consultation on the future licensing of mobile homes.  Wales has its own 2013 Act, which sets out the requirements in a slightly different manner and with slightly different provisions.  For example, a licence for a residential site can only last for a maximum of 5 years once the provisions of the Act are fully implemented.

Our lawyers are able to deal with site agreements under the Mobile Homes Act 1983, residents associations, purchase or sale of mobile homes and apply for licences or appeal the imposition of conditions if the statutory requirements have not been met. We can defend prosecutions for non-compliance. Our planning specialists are able to help with the preparation and submission of applications for planning permission or represent you on appeals.

If you have a general question that you would like to ask, please use our free online ‘chat’ facility, which will connect you with one of our lawyers, or send us an e-mail.

If you need advice on a specific problem, we offer an initial fixed-fee consultation.  This consultation can be a face-to-face meeting, telephone calls or emails as you prefer.  Please contact us for further information.  We regret that we do not undertake any legal aid work.

Please note that solicitors are bound by certain rules of conduct and cannot enter into situations where a potential conflict of interest may arise. For this reason, we will refuse to accept instructions if we are already acting for another party. We will never act for a site owner at the same time as acting for a site resident of the same site, even on different cases. In this way, you can be assured of our solicitors impartiality.

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