The law in relation to the sale of a residential mobile home has changed significantly over recent years if the site is ‘protected’ by the Mobile Homes Acts.  Holiday sites are not covered by this protection and care is needed in dealing with the transaction.

On protected sites, the site owner is entitled to take a commission of up to 10% on the sale if someone else purchases the home.  This is paid by the purchaser but you need to be clear in your negotiations as to whether the sale price includes this amount, as the purchaser may be expecting to pay you less than you otherwise anticipate.  With unprotected sites, the commission can be  very much larger.  It is best to check the agreement that you signed when you purchased the home yourself, to see if any other provisions apply.

There is no legal requirement to engage a solicitor when selling a home, but it is recommended by the government and is often a wise measure,  given the cost of the home and the implications if a problem is not spotted from the outset.

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