council chamber review licensing lawyersLicence Reviews are a way that an interested party or a Responsible Authority can ask the Council to place limitations on a licence that has already been issued in relation to alcohol sales, entertainment or gambling, to suspend it or to revoke it all together.  With alcohol sales, there is also the option of the expedited review.  If you are facing a review, you should obtain advice from a licensing solicitor as quickly as possible.

Applicants for review must complete a form and provide evidence to show what problems exist. this might include videos, photographs or witnesses.  There is no application fee and costs cannot be awarded at the end, even if you should win.

The process takes place in front of the Council’s Licensing Sub-Committee, normally a panel of three elected councillors. These councillors have fairly wide ranging powers and can decide :

  • To modify the conditions on the licence
  • To remove the Designated Premises Supervisor
  • To revoke the licence for up to three months
  • To revoke the licence completely

The matter may also go to court on an appeal if there is disagreement with the Council’s decision by anyone who was involved in the review.

If you are the holder of a licence that is being reviewed, please click here for further information, or if you would like help to apply for a review of a licence, please click here or alternatively give one of our solicitors a call.

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