Boxing and wrestling are two sports that are licensable whether they are conducted inside or outside. A premises licence can be obtained from the local council, or a temporary events notice given if there is a small audience and the event is a temporary one. Our lawyers specialise in these applications as well as defending enforcement action such as prosecutions and statutory notices.

The application for a premises licence can be especially difficult in relation to boxing and wrestling and it is recommended that legal advice is sought before submitting the necessary paperwork.

The process for a full licence involves a 28-day consultation, when statutory bodies such as the police, fire service and noise control officer and health and safety officer can consider the proposals. Local businesses and residents also have the opportunity to comment on the proposals and in the event that there are any objections, the application will be considered by the Council in a hearing.

Other sports

Other sports can be licensable if they are held indoors for the benefit of spectators. This can include anything from archery to swimming to darts and tiddlywinks but there are exemptions for smaller venues.

For further information on licenses, or to instruct us to apply on your behalf, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. Alternatively, you can chat on line with one of our solicitors for free.

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