Our top ten licensing tips (in no particular order) for holding on to your licence once you have it in place. If you would like assistance on any licensing or regulatory matter, please contact one of our licensing solicitors.

1. Make sure that you read through the conditions of the licence and ensure that you know what each of them mean.

2. Make sure that your staff know what the conditions of the licence are.

3. If you sell alcohol, make absolutely certain that you have good age verification procedures in place to prevent an under-age sale.

4. Write down your policies and procedures, even if they are only for your record.

5. Review your policies and procedures to ensure that they are relevant and up-to-date.

6. Maintain a good relationship with those living and working around your premises

7. Maintain a good working relationship with enforcement authorities.

8. Ensure that you comply with other legislation, including health and safety, trading standards, planning and fire precautions.

9. Be proactive and join a trade association or representative group.

10. Ensure that you have engaged a good lawyer who has a thorough knowledge of licensing and regulatory law.


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