In order to apply for a licence under the Licensing Act 2003, there is a strict procedure to follow. This includes giving copies of the application to various enforcement bodies known as the “Responsible Authorities”, advertising in the press and placing a notice at the premises.

In order to apply, you will need a plan of the premises to be licensed, a completed application form and if you are planning to sell alcohol you will also need a consent form signed by the prospective Designated Premises Supervisor.

Failure to comply with any of the requirements – even something as seemingly insignificant as too small a typeface on the public notice – can result in the application being rejected and the whole process started anew, including the payment of a further application fee.

Our licensing solicitors are able to make applications on your behalf and will take care of everything from the drafting of the application form to the preparation of the press notice and the submission to the responsible authorities.  Our fees for preparing and submitting an application start at £600 plus VAT, the Council Application Fee and the cost of a newspaper notice.

Once an application has been deposited with the Council, there is a 28-day consultation period when anyone living or working in the area can object to the application. Likewise, any of the Responsible Authorities can also object. During this period, it is important to make sure that the site notice stays in place as far as is possible.

If anyone should object to the licence application, then the Council will hold a hearing to decide the matter unless it has been possible to reach an agreement beforehand. Part of the work that we can undertake for you is to negotiate with anyone who has objected, to see if there is any basis for agreement. If it is not possible to agree, then we can of course represent you at the hearing and try to persuade the Council that they should issue the licence as you have requested.



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