We are pleased to be the only firm that has been recommended by both the Residents Licensing Advice Association and the Licensing Act Residents Active Network and we represent residents or business owners who wish to object to a licence application or review an existing licence.

Reviewing a licence can be an effective way of dealing with problems that can occur at a licensed premsies, but we recommend that you always discuss the issue with the licence holder first.

In order to apply for a review, an application must be completed and sent to the Council as well as the licence holder. It is important to include as much evidence as possible with the application for review because you may not be able to add to it later.

Evidence can be in the form of photographs, witness statements, recordings or other documents and preparation is the key if you wish to be sucessful.

If you would like further advice or wish to instruct us to represent you, please use the form below or e-mail us.

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