solicitors lawyers specialising licence license reviewWe act for licence holders who are faced with an expedited or full review, irrespective of whether or not we have assisted in obtaining the licence from the outset.  Our experience shows that is vitally important that you prepare properly for the hearing.

Once served with an application for a review, you have a period of 28 days in order to deal with any issues that have been raised and seek support, unless the application is for an expedited review.  The Council is obliged to put up a notice near or on your premises which explains that a review has been applied for and that anyone with an interest can comment on it.  Such comments can be positive as well as negative, so you can seek support for your business from anyone living or working in the local area.

You should spend the 28 days and any other period prior to the hearing in an urgent review of the way that your business operates, so that any criticism of problems caused can be effectively dealt with.  Although this process is not a court hearing, it is often helpful to adopt the attitude that it is and prepare accordingly.

At the very least, you should work through the allegations that are being made and critically examine why the person applying for the review considers that they are justified.

If there is any hint of a review or as soon as you are served papers, we suggest that you seek legal advice urgently so that your efforts in defending can be appropriately directed.  Sometimes, it is possible to deal with the concerns expressed in the review application without the need for a hearing and we will negotiate for you to try and achieve the best result.  If the matter does progress to a hearing, then we can attend and speak on your behalf.

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