In order to sell alcohol at a licensed premises, it is necessary to hold a Personal Licence or be authorised by a Personal Licence holder.   In the case of Temporary Event Notices, you must be authorised by the person that gave the notice.

Professionals who are involved in alcohol sales will prefer to obtain their own licence as this has benefits for employers and enables them to take on the role of the Designated Premises Supervisor.  The process is fairly straightforward, starting with a recognised qualification that usually involves a one-day training course.  There is an exam at the end to demonstrate that the core material has been learnt.   For more details on courses, please see our Personal Licence Training page.

Having completed the qualification, applicants must obtain a criminal records check and submit it to the Council with their pass certificate, an application form and the appropriate fee.  Having a criminal record does not necessarily preclude someone from being granted a personal licence.  Much will depend on the view of the police and if there is an objection from them, a hearing will take place to decide whether the licence should be granted or not.

We can assist with the process of applying for a licence and take care of all of the paperwork, dealing with issues that may arise.  Should you have a criminal record to which the Police object, our solicitors can represent you at the hearing to try and obtain the best result.

Since the implementation of the Deregulation Act 2015, a Personal Licence does not need to be renewed once it has been granted.

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