UK Licensing law solicitors. Call for free or chat online.Here are our solicitors top ten tips for planning and running a successful concert, festival or other outdoor event :

  1. Start your planning early ! Most events need at least 18 months to plan and execute properly.
  2. Consult, consult, consult.  Often there is criticism by licensing authorities if this is not done
  3. Build a good relationship with the responsible authorities – particularly the police, EHO and licensing officer.
  4. Seek competent professional advice at an early stage if you do not have the right level of skill yourself, particularly in relation to safety, traffic management, licensing and noise.
  5. Prepare contingency plans to cope with bad weather conditions and possible road closures
  6. Try to obtain a permanent premises licence rather than a temporary one, unless a Temporary Event Notice will do.  Even if you do not plan to return to the same value, you may be able to sell the licence on.
  7. Ensure that you have the correct PRS/PPL licence in force
  8. Obtain an appropriate insurance policy that covers issues such as cancellation.
  9. Check that you have road/footpath closures in place – particularly where they run through the site !
  10. Consider joining one of the associations that have been formed to represent the industry.  They can be an excellent source of advice and assistance.

As the law firm of choice for many festivals, concert venues and other events we have the ability to help you in running a successful event.  Whether it is a small gathering of a few hundred people or a major concert for 25,000, our experience with licensing committees, safety advisory groups and pre-application consultation can prove invaluable and if engaged at an early stage, our lawyers can help you to avoid some of the common pitfalls.