licence objections and reviewsWhilst some of our work is for existing or proposed licence holders, we also regularly represent members of the public, businesses and representative bodies in objecting to licence applications of requesting a review of an existing licence.  We are the only law firm to be recommended by the Licensing Act Active Residents Network and the Residents Licensing Advice Association.

Most operators of licensed premises act in a businesslike and professional manner but we recognise that sometimes there are lapses or in some cases there is not enough experience, ability or willingness to run a premises in a way that does not cause an impact on other people.


In these cases, we can advise on how to object to the grant of a licence or how to have the licence ‘called in’ by the local authority for a review.  It is important to ensure that you gather the right evidence before challenging a licence and we can provide you with assistance in showing you the best way to obtain it using publicly-available sources or if necessary by engaging the services of an investigator.


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