Mobile Home law assistance for Local Authorities

solicitors for mobile homes As well as representing residents and park owners, we also assist local authorities.

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 includes provisions that a local authority may claim the cost of legal advice for certain work, such as a solicitor advising on Compliance Notices.  Our Principal was been instructed on what was probably the first appeal against a compliance notice in relation to a caravan site and has advised local authority Task Groups on Mobile Homes.  With a great deal of local authority experience, we are able to advise  or represent local authorities as needed.

We have advised the Institute of Licensing on mobile home issues and have presented training on the subject at the IoL National Training Event.

As with all of our work, we undertake checks to ensure that there is no conflict of interest before we take instructions.  We will not normally represent a site where we are already have current instructions from the local authority for the area, unless there is no conflict and both parties have agreed.