UK Licensing law solicitorsIn the past, licences were required in some parts of the country if hot food was being sold after 11pm. The Licensing Act has extended this now to all parts of the country and has included the sale of hot drinks.

There are some exclusions in relation to vending machines and hotels, but in all other cases either a temporary events notice must be given or a premises licence obtained if there is a sale between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

Premises licences have the advantage that they can be perpetual – that is to say that they will never expire providing that the licence holder still exisits and is cpaable of carrying on the business. There is an annual fee to pay, which varies according to the Non-Domestic Rateable Value of the property that is licensed.

Our solicitors are able to assist in making licence applications and also defending enforcement action in relation to licences, food hygiene, out of date food sales and other related topics.