licensing of HMOs
2006 saw the start of a mandatory licensing scheme for Houses in Multiple Occupation. ‘HMOs’ are those properties that consist of :

  • three or more storeys
  • five or more tenants in two or more households
  • shared facilities such as kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Local authorities also have the power to introduce ‘selective’ licensing to deal with particular areas where there is shared housing.  If you are uncertain if you own a property that will need to be licensed, or you need assistance in making the application, contact us by telephone, email or on-line.

We can assist if enforcement action is taken against you for failing to have the correct licence or failing to comply with the management standards. We have experience in dealing with revocations of licences and interim management orders, including dealing with the Residential Property Tribunal, properly known as “The First-tier tribunal – Property Chamber (Residential Property)”.

Should you be contemplating the creation of a HMO, be aware that you will almost certainly require planning permission in addition to a licence. We can assist in the planning process by preparing and submitting applications to the Council on your behalf.

We believe in being transparent about the fees that we charge.  Our basic application for a  new HMO licence starts at £650+VAT plus disbursements.  If the work is more complicated, such as with a large premises of more than 5 rooms, then an additional fee is charged depending on the complexity.  We will be happy to provide you with a quote before you confirm that you wish to instruct us.

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