licence objections and reviewsThe Licensing Act refers to a number of ‘Responsible Authorities’ who must be consulted on applications for new Premises Licences or Club Certificates. These authorities have the right to comment on an application, but also have the right to ask for a Review of a licence.

The Responsible authorities are :

      1. The relevant Licensing Authority
      2. The Chief Officer of Police,
      3. The Fire and Rescue authority,
      4. The Local Health Board,
      5. The local Public Health authority (in England)
      6. The Health and Safety enforcing authority,
      7. The local Planning Authority,
      8. The local authority responsible for minimising or preventing the risk of pollution of the environment or of harm to human health, and
      9. The body that represents those who are responsible for, or interested in, matters relating to the protection of children from harm and is recognised by the licensing authority for that area for the purposes of this section as being competent to advise it on such matters.
Where the licence is for a vessel, the Responsible Authority list also includes ;

10. A navigation authority (within the meaning of section 221(1) of the Water Resources Act 1991 (c. 57)) having functions in relation to the waters where the vessel is usually moored or berthed or any waters where it is, or is proposed to be, navigated at a time when it is used for licensable activities – that is :

          • The Environment Agency,
          • Canal & River Trust or
          • The Secretary of State.
If there is more than one authority in any of the categories (for example, if the premises should span a county or district boundary), then each of the authorities for both areas are ‘Responsible Authorities’.

To assist the authorities in their work, various guidance notes have been produced.  These can be downloaded by clicking on the responsible authority name above.